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  • STACY LGE will begin 10/28 22:00 UTC
  • Hard cap is 690 ETH
  • EMTRG/CHADS holders, competition winners, AMA winners, and whitelisted influencers will have 22 hours hours to submit funds starting 10/28 22:00 UTC
  • Community whitelisting event will occur on 10/29 2100 UTC.

Too Chad, Can’t Read:

— STACY is coming October 26th
— CHADS is doing an airdrop of 500 common NFT’s
— These NFTs currently sell in the range of 0.15 — 1.5 …


  1. Metamask wallet
  2. CHADS_ETH_UNI_LP tokens
  3. — site

Step 1.


Learn to trade like a chad

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